Miami has enjoyed a steady growth in the hospitality industry, year over year — it seems like there’s a new hotel and restaurant opening almost daily. The influx of over 30 restaurant openings within the next four months and the addition of nearly 10,000 hotel rooms this year, the Miami hospitality market faces the challenge of hiring and retaining employees. Growth in a sizzling hospitality market such as Miami, requires a competitive edge. A challenge, Grove Bay Group tackles head on, with its innovative approach to hiring and benefits. The company prides itself on championing a “people focused” culture, a key philosophy to which they attribute their success.

Grove Bay Hospitality Group operates five restaurants in South Florida, and recently opened two at Brickell City Centre. In 2017, the company anticipates a wave of growth and hiring, starting as early as Spring and later throughout the year. Understanding the competitive nature of hiring quality people to service their core value of “exceptional hospitality,” has lead the group to offering one of the most people-centric benefits package anywhere in the hospitality industry. Included in the Grove Bay Hospitality Group’s package — known as the “People Plan” — are benefits in four categories: financial, career, wellness and social.

Empowering people to make a life of making a living holds true with the financial benefits of the People Plan. A complete well thought out package that includes competitive wages, 401(k), profit sharing (for management), referral program, Money Talks – financial counseling, rewards program and other perks. All actionable ways of demonstrating to employees how vested the company is, in their overall well being.

Investing in people and their career is the impetus upon which Grove Bay Hospitality Group thrives. Employees can take full advantage of tuition reimbursement, advanced and individualized training programs. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to employee benefits and provisions. Wellness is everything, without healthy employees, productivity will suffer and affect any company’s bottomline. Grove Bay Group’s approach is holistic in that is covers many aspects of an employee’s life. Providing myriad insurances such as health, vision, dental, life and short-term and long-term disability. Wellness benefits also boasts paid time off, extended maternity pay and paid Sabbatical – to allow managers whom have been with the company for over seven years, to time off and recharge!

Rarely do you find companies that mix business with pleasure, which may sound counterintuitive for hospitality groups, but not the Grove Bay Group. In fact, this is a “social” perk of being an employee – you get to mingle and have fun with your colleagues at company events. Whether you are into sports leagues – nothing too serious, just a healthy dose of friendly competition – kickball in the Grove may be of interest. You perhaps prefer a variety of social events and meet-ups, like breakfast with the company founders and holiday parties to celebrate your accompaniments – let’s just say, you have options. There is even a digital social portal built just for Grove Bay Group’s employees, making it easy to stay connected and in the know about what is happening company wide. All work and no play, makes for a dull work experience, the company’s culture is all about excellence at work and creating rewarding experiences for all its employees.

In a time where negativity and divisiveness seems to be seeping into the mindset of many, it is refreshing to see a company truly looking out for the best interest of its employees – with a people plan. When you spend a good part of you life at work, it makes sense to be at a place where you can grow and feel a part of something worth your time and effort. Grove Bay Group has taken steps in making sure their employees are well cared for by implementing practical life benefits. The Grove Bay Hospitality Group believe its good business to compete for those who also compete with you, a winning formula for a thriving company and their employees.