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Behind the Scenes of a Seasonal Menu Change with Chef Giorgio

Discover what is top of mind for Chef Giorgio when approaching a new menu; his heritage, the evolution of the concept, sourcing of ingredients, the guest experience and more.

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Nestled atop the lush garden landscape of Peacock Park in beautiful and balmy Coconut Grove, you will find Glass and Vine, an open concept restaurant overlooking coconut trees and mangroves leading towards amazing views of Biscayne Bay. On the horizon, Grove Bay Group along with Chopped winner and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, will introduce a new seasonal menu for this fall.
The new seasonal menu will stay true to the simplicity of Glass and Vine, while exploring local and seasonally available ingredients for crafting unique flavors. Chef Giorgio takes you behind the scenes.

Why is food important to you?

Food has always been an integral part of my life. I was fortunate to grow up in a household where our mother cooked almost every night. We sat at the table together for dinner; we talked about our day, just a very Italian way of living. My love for food comes from the love for food my family always had. Cooking together was just the normal thing to do. I remember being given bread and chocolate as a snack in summer camp in Italy. To this day I always seem to have some kind of chocolate and bread dessert on the menu.

How does your personal journey specifically influence your choice of ingredients?

We try not to really choose specific ingredients to work with, instead we like to see what’d good and fresh and then figure out the dish around the ingredient. The most exciting thing about crafting based on seasonal ingredients is that it is always a challenge and always something new to work with.

What is your process for creating a seasonally appropriate menu and how long did it take you to master the new flavors?

The process for creating a new menu starts with what is in season and then working around highlighting that ingredient. I don’t think I can say we will ever really master flavors; it’s always a learning experience and evolution for us and the guests, which makes every visit an adventure and opportunity for discovery.

What do you hope to accomplish with the palate of everyone who taste your creations and what role does sourcing play in your ingredients?

At the end of the day it is about creating food that you enjoy making and that the guest enjoys eating. It’s important to respect the product foremost. We try to use as many local ingredients as possible, its important to us to keep people around us employed and help out our community by providing back to those who provide for us.

What is the most important culinary experience you hope to achieve when people eat from your new menu?

When making the menu, naturally some things will repeat just based on seasonality so we try to highlight ingredients in different ways than we had done before. I hope people will have a delicious and memorable meal that not only makes them happy to eat, but also makes us happy to make.

What does the word “authenticity” means to you, with how you approach life professionally and personally?

Anything can be authentic to different people in different ways. I try not to really use that word when it comes to our cooking at the restaurant, as it can limit us.
Every season brings about change, but in Miami, this phenomenon may not be so obvious on the surface. Hot or cool is what typically signals whether Miami is either in Spring like “Winter” or Summer mode – we alternate between hot and cool – locals never find a need to use the “Heat” setting on our AC units. Another indication of seasonal change in Miami, is the rich energy brought on by cultural events such as one of the world’s largest art fairs – Art Basel Miami. Glass and Vine will not be out done during this time, showcasing its own artistic contribution to a culinary experience unlike any other; boasting a new seasonal menu expertly crafted by Chef Giorgio.

“Our guests have embraced Giorgio’s fresh new take on Miami’s multiple culinary influences and they look forward to experiencing seasonal menu changes”, says Grove Bay Group’s Ignacio Garcia-Menocal, which has always kept their restaurant concepts, such as Glass and Vine, as fresh and exciting as their seasonal menus.